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Physically Strong...

Posted on Jul 24 2021 - 11:42pm

If one reads the Scout Oath, it is divided into three parts.  While the first parts are about promises to others, the last part is about how a Scout promises to care for themselves.  Physically strong is the first of such promise.  As with other principles within the oath, it can be taken literally, meaning a Scout promises to exercise. In Scouting, it is much more than that.  A Scout is to take care of their body so that it will serve them well for their life. While exercise is important to build strength and endurance, a Scout should eat wholesome and nutritious food that gives them the energy needs to get through their daily lives and get plenty of rest each night to keep their energy levels high.  It is important to remember it also means avoiding drug and alcohol abuse, and/or anything else that may harm a Scout's health. As it is written in the Scout Oath, a Scout needs to be physically strong in order to stay mentally awake and morally straight.

Help Others...

Posted on Jul 18 2021 - 12:49am

Good morning Pack 3179 Families,

Helping others is an integral part of Scouting. In the Scout Oath, it is found in the middle.  You could say it is ingrained like it is part of Scouting.  Helping other people can be as simple as a conversation (listening and talking), donating your time and attention to a project, or giving back to your community. Examples of helping others in our Pack include giving back to our community through food and toy drives, serving at flag ceremonies and parades, and donating human and/or capital resources for cleanup and service projects for the benefit of our community.

Obey the Scout Law...

Posted on Jul 10 2021 - 11:26pm

Good morning Pack 3179 Families,

Obeying the Scout Law is an integral part of Scouting.  It is part of the Scout Oath.  The 12 points of the Scout Law are the characteristics every Scout tries to live up to. The points of the law tie back to the Scout Oath in many ways, and often, the oath and law go hand in hand. The foundation of the 12 points of the Scout Law was laid very early on in Scouting and it represents many people recognize Scouts to be. As Lord Baden Powell, the founder of Scouting said, "The Scout Oath and Law are our binding disciplinary force."  It is the code that Scouts must live by.

Duty To Country...

Posted on Jul 4 2021 - 12:05am

Happy Independence Day! It is very fitting to discuss 'Duty to Country' on our country's 245th Independence Day. On the 4th of July, American Patriotism is on display at every turn.  Patriotism is an integral part of Scouting. This is why 'Duty to Country' is in the first line of the Scout Oath and prominent in every rank of Cub Scout requirements.  While many often associate 'Duty to Country' with more direct but very important events such as participation in parades, decorating the graves of fallen soldiers and veterans, or disposing of flags in a dignifying fashion, there are many more indirect things a Scout can do. For instance, a Scout could perform service projects within their community or on national lands, learn how our government works and participate in civic events, or promote ethical values that have bestowed upon us in generations before us.  Scouting is well encapsulated by the well-renowned World War II General Douglas MacArthur, who once said, "Duty, Honor, Country — those three hallowed words reverently dictate what you ought to be, what you can be, what you will be. They are your rallying point to build courage when courage seems to fail, to regain faith when there seems to be little cause for faith, to create hope when hope becomes forlorn."

Duty To God

Posted on Jun 26 2021 - 10:12pm

Good morning Pack 3179 Families,

As part of the summer series of these announcements, we will be looking more closely at the Scout Oath, break it down into pieces, and examine its meaning. Today, we will look at 'Duty to God.' When one thinks of 'Duty to God' they may immediately think of religious or theological actions. 'Duty to God' is more complex than that and it is more about the service underpinning of Scouting and how it relates to our community, our family, and our own self-being. Scouts BSA recognizes this is not a mere matter of attending religious services, knowing religious history, or understanding theology. It is about recognizing who and what is 'God' to each Scout and the Scout making the best with and of the life they are given. At every Scout meeting, Scouts recite the Scout Oath, then Scout Law. While the Scout Oath begins with a Scout pledging a Duty to God, the Scout Law ends with reverence. Thus, everything recited in between begins and ends with the concept of 'Duty to God. With this in mind, we hope your Scout may find new and inventive ways to demonstrate their 'Duty to God.'

Do My Best...

Posted on Jun 20 2021 - 1:32am

As part of the summer series of these announcements, we will be looking more closely at the Scout Oath, break it down into pieces, and examine its meaning.  Today, we will look at 'Do My Best'.  This is only part of the Scout Oath that brings in the Cub Scout Motto.  What does it mean to do your best?  You should try as hard as you can to achieve something.  In Scouting, that could be finishing a long strenuous hike, putting a tent together for the first time, or pulling a heavy wagon of cans at Scouting for Food.  The list can go on in Scouting or in life.  There are times in life we are given jobs or tasks that are not necessarily the most interesting or inspiring, but it is how we approach it that makes the Scout Oath and Cub Scout Motto come alive. You elect to go all-in, and if first, you don't succeed, try and try again. You should never be afraid to ask for help, and you should always remain positive in performing the task and optimistic toward succeeding. At last, there are times when you will fail at the end, but it is important to know that if you performed all the items listed above, you did your best.  Winston Churchill once said, "Success is not final; failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts."  In this case, it takes a lot of courage to "Do Your Best".  Tying this back to the Scout Oath, you'll notice it is only separated by commas or semicolons, hence everything in the oath is tied back to the Scout saying they'll do their best.

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