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Prosperity Built on Paying Your Own Way and Conservation

Posted on Aug 9 2020 - 12:37am

Good morning Pack 3179 Families,

The word 'thrift' came about in the 13th Century but the word's origin had a different meaning from the definition we accept today. Today, we know a scout who is thrifty to be a person that pays their own way and is not wasteful. Back around the year 1225, thrift's original definition was more closer to a meaning of prosperity. There is a certain amount of irony with that statement. A Scout who is thrifty could also be a Scout who is prosperous. Is this what S.W. Straus, an early 20th Century banker and financier meant when he said, "Thrift is not an affair of the pocket but an affair of character?"

Are You Worthy of Someone's Trust?

Posted on Aug 2 2020 - 1:22am

Good morning Pack 3179 Families,

We hope that you enjoyed our Bridging Camp Celebration yesterday. Congratulations to all Scouts for their achievements and an excellent job by everyone in our Pack. Thank you to our great Leaders who worked hard to put the Bridging Camp Ceremony in light of everything going on. Despite the inability to meet in person due to COVID-19 for last part of the year, we accomplished much together as a Pack, became more inventive, and we look forward to new Scouting year.

Scouting for a Clean Slate

Posted on Jul 26 2020 - 12:13am

Good morning Pack 3179 Families,

This coming Saturday morning, August 1st is our Bridging Camp Celebration. Based upon the latest guidance handed from the Ventura County Council, this celebration will now be virtual. Our leaders will deliver your Scout(s) neckerchief, slide and hat ahead in a safe, healthy and clean matter.

A Scout is Kind: Kindness Counts

Posted on Jul 19 2020 - 12:10am

Good morning Pack 3179 Families,

Study after study points out how acts of kindness add up to changing lives. As an analogy, the act of kindness is like a pebble or rock being thrown into a pond. The ripples produced by the object are the 'waves of difference' that the act has made. The Scouting Handbook references the Golden Rule: Treat others as you want to be treated.  While the Golden Rule dates back to the days of the well-known Chinese philosopher, Confucius around 500 BC, there is evidence of similar sayings in Ancient Egypt and Greece.  Its concept transcends through time and is referenced in many of the world's religions such as Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, and Taoism. Being kind is one of the easiest things to do, and just one individual demonstrating kindness can change communities.  As we get ready to conclude one scouting year and begin another, a Scout could set a resolution to encourage more acts of kindness toward others.

Trying Times Need Cheerful Minds

Posted on Jul 12 2020 - 12:08am

Good morning Pack 3179 Families,

Legendary jazz singer, Duke Ellington once said, "A problem is a chance for you to do your best." A very fitting quote for a Scout to learn from and a very fitting quote in what seems like an uncertain time. More Scouts are needed during this time. A Scout should always look at the bright side of life and cheerfully perform tasks, regardless how mundane they are. A cheerful and optimistic outlook can be contagious and inspirational to those around you. Can you find something your Scout can do today to pass on a cheerful outlook?

You've Got a Friend in Me

Posted on Jul 5 2020 - 12:21am
Good morning Pack 3179 Families,
Of all the terms that are included in the Scout Law, friendly and kind are the oldest words in the Scout Law used in the English language. With usage dating back to before the 12th Century, a person who was friendly (and kind) must have been sought after during the Middle or "Dark" Ages. Everybody wants a friendly person to see or meet in their daily routine. Being friendly is not always easy, but a Scout should strive to be a friend to everyone regardless of their gender, race, creed, beliefs, or life preferences.

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