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Hike Time!! Cub Scout Support and Cubmaster Kevin!

Posted on Sep 26 2015 - 10:12pm


Good Morning Pack 3179 Families,
Thank you for all the hard work that you are doing to support Cub Scouting!!

See you this Monday!!

Posted on Sep 19 2015 - 11:31pm

Good Morning Pack 3179 Families,

There is a lot going on right now. 
The best way to keep informed is the website. 

And so it begins!!

Posted on Sep 13 2015 - 7:04pm

Things are beginning to blossom for the upcoming Cub Scout year!!

Working behind the scenes have been Den Leaders (DLs), and Asst Den Leaders (ADLs)!

It has begun!!

Posted on Aug 30 2015 - 12:05am

Good Morning Pack Families,

So great to see everyone at last Monday 's Pack Meeting!!
Lots of familiar faces, and good to see new ones too!!

Summer wrapping up!! Cub Scouting ramping up!!

Posted on Aug 8 2015 - 10:23pm

Good Morning Pack 3179 Families!!

We had a great turn out for the Fair Parade yesterday!!
Thank you every one that came together to support the Elks Lodge!!
Something I'd like to share with you, is how appreciative Carl, from the Elks, was for every one showing up to help at the Parade!!
He wanted to REALLY thank everyone!!
He said when he saw all the boys in uniform, there to support the Elks, he got a little emotional. 
It is my hope, that we can move him to emotion again, next March, for the St. Patrick's Day Parade!!
Please mark your calendars to be there, NOW!!
I'd also like to thank Pack 3176, for showing up to help at the parade. 
As Summer begins its twilight, we have things coming together for the Scout year. 
Looks like our first Pack Mtg will be Aug 24th, details, and confirmation to follow. 
As well as info on Parent mtgs. 
Again, I promise to keep them on task, and within the time allotted. 
Many are donating their time to be leaders, please donate some of your time, to help guide us, as to what you'd like to see happen, and help us bring that to reality for your boy(s)!!
Speaking of people donating their time,... We have a number of positions that will need to be filled, for the upcoming year. Please be thinking of what you can do, to help the Pack go. 
All Chair persons, all Den Leaders, all Asst. Den Leader, all Treasurers, the Cub Master, and the Asst. Cub Master are ALL volunteers. 
We are just parents, that stepped up when needed. 
Most of us, were not asked to do the jobs that we fulfill. 
We heard that there was a need, and said, "Yes!! I can do that job for my son, and the other boys!!"
So, PLEASE, be ready to "Step Up!"
We WILL need you!!
You won't be disappointed!
One last thing of like to mention, is POPCORN!!
I'd like to see us hit POPCORN sales HARD, and not have to do any more fundraising the rest of the year!
We still need to do some Pancake Breakfasts, because that is good for the boys to learn service,... But, I'd like to see us do it because we WANT to,... Not because we HAVE to. 
So, be ready to sell LOTS of POPCORN, be ready to attend ALL the location sales that we can get our hands on,...... And, lets make this an AWESOME year for our boys, in Cub Scouting!!
Very humbly, yours in Cub Scouting,
Tren Morris
Parent Committee Chair
Pack 3179


Summer Time Activities

Posted on Jul 11 2015 - 10:10pm

Good morning Pack 3179 Families!!

I hope to see all of you at our annual Pack Fishing Day!
Sunday July 12th, (today)

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